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How it Works, and Why You Could Do It

You’re likely familiar with flipping real estate and/or website domain names. The basic definition of FLIPPING means to buy or create a real estate or digital property (Domain Names with/without a website) and sell/resell it in a short period of time.

“What happens with Stanford, stays with Stanford!”

Many investors have made a full-time income, and some millionaires have made their fortunes by Flipping real estate and/or Notes.

In principle, Flipping Your Notes Is pretty much works the same way.  You create your new Note, Season it, then resell, in that order. There’s nothing complicated about this simple process.

And it can be done many times FASTER than selling real estate. In fact, we arrange for the purchase generally in days, not weeks or months like in the real estate market.

Don’t forget, you can flip more than just real estates loans including Business Notes, Annuities, Court Settlements, Lottery and Gambling Winnings, and etc. Buy much of the explanation below is going to explain the importance of Owner Financed Real Estate. though the actual process will apply to ALL NOTES.

How it Works

You own a piece of real estate. You sell it to a Buyer that makes your required “Down Payment” and agrees to your established interest rate and monthly payments. You then create a Mortgage, Deed of Trust, or Land Contract (Depending on your state the property resides in) “SECURED BY A PROMISSORY NOTE.”

You create this Note when You agree to make an “Owner Financed” loan to the Buyer. You do this because you are motivated to sell your property, and the Buyer can’t qualify for a bank loan. It’s this Note that is personal property and can be sold.

The Seller’s Advantage

You may Wonder Why Sellers are Willing to Personal Finance the Buyer

In simple terms, sellers finance buyers so they can sell their properties without bank or institutional financing. Many investors are FLIPPERS, FLIPPING (turn-around property FAST) their property, SELL THEIR NOTE (at a discount to SFS – This is OUR Motive to Purchase), then they buy ANOTHER real estate bargain with their new LUMP SUM of cash, repeating this cycle over and over again for ongoing financial gain.

You’re likely aware of the current status of our down economy, that’s been in serious trouble for many years now. The financial crisis of 2007–2008, also known as the global financial crisis. The 2008 financial crisis is considered by many economists as the most serious financial crash since the “Great Depression” of 1929, and that lasted for 10 years (Until 1939).

Keeping this point basic, the cause of the 2008 depression was due to Banks having sold too many BAD mortgage-backed securities than what could NOT be supported by good mortgages. It’s as simple as that. The banks collapsed because of BAD INVESTMENTS, and their credit scores collapsed along with them.

The government BAILED THEM OUT. Sad but true. There was no security net for us, the little guy. No government bailout. And the banks hold our negative credit scores as bad risks even though, in many cases, it was THEIR FAULT many of us our lost our assets, jobs and good credit scores.

Many of us have proven our financial value and stability to society today, yet we are still considered unacceptable BAD RISKS to these self-righteous banks. Go figure!

So these days, we have banks that can’t manage their business, money or credit scores, turning down masses of potential mortgage borrowers because of the bank’s failure. And no one to bail us out. This has caused more than just a rift between the borrowing public and the banks!

So, why do we state this market can be a “SELLERS ADVANTAGE?”  In short, we can REPLACE THE BANKS, cutting them out of the picture entirely. We can replace the banks with less stringent approval than banks.

Banks are in BIG TROUBLE these days because few people can qualify for new loans as explained above, and many individuals that can qualify just won’t deal with their hypocrisy. But we, as private investors can create new loans

That minimum period of the “HOLDING TIME” is called “Seasoning the note” in the real estate industry.  The Note (Promissory Note/Mortgage) is the legal paperwork supporting the “Owner Financing” the Note secures.

These Notes are “Personal Property,” that can be held for future income paid by the Buyer to the Seller for the real estate purchased. These payments can be paid monthly, quarterly, annually, with or without a “Balloon Payment” (Final balance of a loan made through a single payment), or a combination of any of these forms of payments.

And can be sold to another Investor for a specified amount, who will pay the purchase price to the Selling Investor, and now start personally receiving the payments from the borrower. The borrower has no say or interest in the sale of the Note to the new Investor. Even banks do this on a regular basis. They sell their notes on a “Secondary Market.”

No “Secondary Market” is required for “Private Investors.” A Private Investor can sell a Note to anyone with the capital willing to pay for it.

Seasoning the Note

The seasoning of the Note means requiring the Note Payor (the Borrower) to make a minimum number of payments ON TIME. With many investors, that’s a minimum number of payments is 3 months. The more payments made (on time) the better. These “Matured” Notes are “Seasoned.”

It’s Time for You to Flip that Note – Enter’s Stanford Financial Services (SFS)

Obviously, flipping means to own and turn that Note over by selling it to another Investor in a short period of time considered fast, by not holding it until it’s actual maturity (completion) date.

SFS is a non-institutional private Investor/Broker having the option to either purchase your Note(s) or Future Income(s) personally or Broker the Notes out to another private investor. It’s not relevant to the investor who buys it so long as they safely, and legally receive their funds from the sale.  


Regardless if SFS buys your Note or arranges for one of our investor clients to acquire it, we NEVER charge you any personal upfront fees or ask you for a commission. We don’t operate like real estate brokers. You will receive the SAME AMOUNT through us regardless if we make the direct purchase or arrange for a sale to one of our private investors.

SELL Stanford Financial Services (SFS) Your Note(s)

SFSs doesn’t purchase real estate. We ONLY purchase PAPER (Seasoned NOTES). Click on the menu at the top of this page to inquire as to our requirements for purchasing your notes. We’ll give you a timely FREE FAST NO OBLIGATION Quote.

If any of this process is confusing, or unclear to you, give us a call. It would be our pleasure to explain it further.

In this 21st Century, the Internet has enabled most of the note purchase transactions to be made over the phone, utilizing emails, and faxes, making it practical and efficient to perform business nationally without the need for expensive travel or overhead. This has greatly reduced the time for processing, customer payments, saving all parties concerned considerable time.