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Sell Us Your Private Owner Carried Business Notes – Receive A Lump Sum of FAST Cash

Sell us your private carry-back Business Note, receive a LUMP SUM NOW, and we’ll start receiving the monthly payments

We’ll Customize a Purchase Plan Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

Sell us your entire note or just part of it. We’ll:

  • Purchase a Set Amount of Future Payments
  • Purchase Your Mortgage Note in its Entirety
  • Purchase an Upcoming Balloon Payment
  • Any Combination of the Above

“What happens with Stanford, stays with Stanford!”

Our Purchase Parameters

  • We Consider First Lien Positions ONLY!
  • A Minimum of Three (3) Month’s Seasoning (Borrower made payments on time)
  • All Business Types Are Considered
  • A Minimum 30% Down Payment.  Smaller Amounts Considered on a Case-By-Case Basis
  • Personal Guarantee of the Payer is Required

You Have Two Application Options

If you are receiving payments and would prefer to have a Lump Sum of CA$H now, either:

please call us today at (615) 530-1046 or TOLL-FREE at 800-988-3140 to obtain a free, no-obligation evaluation of your note or payment stream.

If you prefer, you may also submit(FASTER)  a confidential Online Quote Request.

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Attention:  Real Estate Professionals and Business Brokers

Because of the reluctance of commercial banks to finance sales of small businesses, Private Owner Financed Business Notes are widely used and commonplace in such transactions and can often provide the catalyst to get the deal done. 

Many sellers would prefer not to hold finance paper for lengthy periods of time, however.  Before you structure your deal, think of your “exit strategy”.  Contact us regarding how to make your seller carry-back business note attractive for resale at a later date if necessary.

We appreciate hearing from you and assisting you to have access to the cash you want or need now.

Sell Us Your Private Owner Carried Business Notes – Receive A Lump Sum of FAST Cash

In this 21st Century, the Internet has enabled most of the note purchase transactions to be made over the phone, utilizing emails, and faxes, making it practical and efficient to perform business nationally without the need for expensive travel or overhead. This has greatly reduced the time for processing, customer payments, saving all parties concerned considerable time.