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Stanford Financial Services is a premier national note buying service. We are here to serve your needs when you require FAST CASH by selling us your contractual future incomes like Mortgages, Business Notes, Court Settlements, Annuities, and Lottery Winnings.

We offer FAST, reliable service, and guarantee discreetness to our clients. We are NOT name droppers and don’t publish high profile clients names to promote our business. Confidentiality is our middle name.

Bob Maverick Stanford - Chairman, CEO

Bob Maverick Stanford   Senior Buyer, CCFC

Bob Stanford is our Senior Independent Note Acquisitions Agent CCFC (Certified Cash Flow Consultant – CCFC) having vast experience in the national and personal financial arena since the early 1980s. 

He has owned four loan offices offering personal mortgages, and national/international business loans in the hundreds of millions of dollars range.

     “What happens with Stanford, stays with Stanford!”

Bob employed and trained over two dozen loan agents, specializing in various forms of financing including mortgage loans, business loans, hard money loans, factoring, construction loans, and FHA/VA conventional financing.

He specialized in project finance origination, and was Senior project Underwriter for the Luxembourg international financier, Galactic Internationale’, arranging financing from $250,000.00 to over $500,000,000.00+. And later he served as Senior Business Consultant for a number of attorneys specializing in corporation formations (C Corp’s and Non-Profits), customer business plans, business financing, and chapter 11 / Chapter 7 business bankruptcies. He wrote both the bankruptcy, and divorce computer programs for the legal office (in the days when none were commercially available).

His clients have included a number of attorneys, a king, the president of a Latin country, and many international corporations, as well as a host of smaller entrepreneurial projects in the USA.

He authored two syndicated newspaper columns, “It’s Your Business,” and “Real Estate Byline,” also has created over a dozen small business books, courses, published a real estate investment newsletter, and is known in the business world as “Maverick” – “The Maverick Entrepreneur.™”

As an out-of-the-box creative thinker, today he specializes in purchasing business notes, mortgages/trust deeds, lottery and gaming winnings, annuities, structured settlements, and other future income categories working with a number of investors both private and corporate.

His focus and primary goal is to offer you the client FAST, Secure, and Reliable service in total confidentiality. SFS’s are equipped to handle small to large note purchases. Contact us today for information or a free quote.

In this 21st Century, the Internet has enabled most of the note purchase transactions to be made over the phone, utilizing emails, and faxes, making it practical and efficient to perform business nationally without the need for expensive travel or overhead. This has greatly reduced the time for processing, customer payments, saving all parties concerned considerable time and expense.